Coral Bridesmaids Dresses

If you have always been sweet and romantic, then you should go for coral for your wedding theme. For one, coral or rose peach is a soul spirit color, perfect for hippie weddings. It also reveals the angelic aura and soul star chakras of people. It gives a calming feeling of warmth. Coral weddings are also great for beach wedding and country rustic style wedding. Here are bridesmaid dresses of sorts in coral.
Classic Tube Top Gowns
The simplest cut for a coral bridesmaid dress is the classic tube top gown. Flowy. Feminine. With fancy creases on the top. And floor-length. It spells freshness and simple elegance that no bride will fail to appreciate.

Coral Different Styles
Floral Coral Dress
If you’re going for a laid-back country style wedding, then your girls could simply wear floral cocktail dresses with coral accents. The great thing about short skirt dresses is that they look fresh. Add the flowery details and it silently whispers summer romance.
Lacy Coral Dress
For sassiness and an urban chic effect, you can go for bridesmaid dresses made from laced textiles. This type of dress is better styled short. This wouldn’t be great with long cuts. This is perfect for spring weddings.

Bride with bridesmaids
Textured Coral Dress
If fierceness and individuality is what you seek, you can have bridesmaid dresses with geometric patterns designed on it. Yes, the color is soft, but the modish appeal is delightfully delivered by the sharp edges and bold designs.

Coral and Teal
Dress with Teal Accents
IF plain coral is too boring for you, then you could always add some color accent in the form of teal. Tie teal ribbons around the bouquets. Make your bridesmaids wear teal shoes.

Twist Wrap Dress

The twist wrap dress is a perfect investment for the bride who plans on having a mismatched bridesmaid dresses. You can just purchase one dress for all of your bridesmaids and have your stylist do their magic on each piece. It may be a halter top, a tube top or a playfully seductive top.

Mismatched Coral Dresses
Mismatched is a rising trend for weddings and it would be a great style for coral bridesmaid dresses. Different shades can also be considered. Only one rule remains though: the dress should be utterly stunning for everyone.


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