Striped Bridesmaid Dresses

Do away with the usual cheekiness of bridesmaid gowns and go for a refreshing kind – that of the striped collection. Who knew stripes could be elegant enough to be used in bridesmaid dresses? It’s not only the silky textiles and glittery dresses that would make the cut to being proclaimed as fashionable bridesmaid gowns, stripes could even top the list. See for yourself.

Southern Stripes

Southern Stripes
A casual wedding calls for a casual attire. Rustic weddings are typically held on barns or at local churches, but you can make things more interesting by having thin-striped dresses sewn out for your girls. Choose a striped textile with subtle colors and go for playful cuts. A tulip-styled skirt would be a nice example.

Wide striped dress

Wide Stripes
Timeless elegance can be found on wide-striped black and white bridesmaid dresses. It’s just simple, but so chic. Think of Audrey Hepburn. Make their look extra sophisticated by having them wear their hair in sleek buns. Spice up this look by advising your girls to wear different solid-colored pump – in pink, blue or orange.

Ombre Striped Dress

Ombre Stripes
Here’s an fascinating way of tweaking up your stripes: play up with ombre. A simple cut dress would instantly be translated into a runway-worthy dress if its stripes are progressing by shades. You could have it short or long and you can even ask your designer to arrange vertical stripes for the top and horizontal stripes for the skirt to have some variety.

Multicolored and varied stripes

Multicolored Stripes
If plain stripes bore you, you could choose a textile with multi-colored, differently sized stripes and turn it into a skirt. A nice example of a color combination is blue and yellow. To tone down the bold variation, you can just have a plain yellow top worn with the skirt. The tricky part of pulling off this move is finding a great textile to start with.

Striped Skirt

Striped Skirts
Striped skirts work well with solid tops. You could turn this lovely ensemble into a bridesmaid dress. This would only work if you are opting to go for a spontaneous, off-the-cuff kind of wedding. You can choose to have wide stripes on the skirt, limited to only two colors. For the top you can go for those ruffled tops and neatly tuck them in the skirt.

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