Trendy ideas for your bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dresses can get a little bit boring after a while. After all, there’s nothing new in dressing all the ladies in identical dresses with the exact same cut and colour. Admittedly, this homogenous look will bring a rather neat and organized visual aspect to your wedding and while there’s certainly nothing wrong with this trend, some couples might want to spruce it up a bit. So, don’t hesitate to look into some trendy ideas for your bridesmaids’ dresses and overall attires. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to be different and use as much creativity as you can to add some extra panache to your special day.

Bridesmaids in pants

Couples who are having a super casual wedding might even consider having all their bridesmaids wear jeans or pants to the wedding. It may sound quite unconventional but then again, it is your wedding day and no one else, so, it’s ultimately up to you to decide what the dress code should be. In fact, bridesmaids in pants or jeans might even add a cutting-edge flair to the grand day so be sure to explore new, unchartered horizons to add a unique twist to your big day.

Bridesmaids in skirt and top

Another not so conventional option would be to get your bridesmaids dresses and tops instead of the traditional dress. Long skirts might be more appropriate for evening weddings while shorter ones are more suited for outdoors and day weddings. However, couples who are more traditional might go for the customary bridesmaid dresses but try to avoid the whole identical look. Instead, allow the girls to select their own individual outfit to create a non-matching bridesmaid dress scheme. In fact, this little bit of versatility might even take the visual aspect of your wedding to the next level.

Non matching bridesmaid dresses

A more daring and fun look would be to go for costumes instead of bridesmaid dresses. If you’re selecting this option, make the most out of it and go absolutely wild: poufy Victorian frocks, 50’s style flared polka dots outfits or even 20’s style flapper dresses are going to add some extra sizzle to your wedding. Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t go into a full-blown costume party mode and add masks, trains, gloves and spiky heels to their ensembles?

Bridesmaids in costumes

To keep things much more toned down, but different, you could ask your bridesmaids to wear white or ivory gowns. It is an unspoken rule that no one but the bride should wear white to a wedding, but, more and more couples are embracing the idea of having the entire bridal party wear white. From the bridesmaids to the page boys, ring bearers and even flower girls, an all-white bridal party will undoubtedly leave a striking effect on your guests.

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